We believe that our deep specialisation in core industry and skill sectors enable us to provide clients with insightful, timely and quality services when we source and secure talent on their behalf. This focus also allows us to provide the same level of expert advice and assistance to those looking for their next career move.

Across the sector below, we are able to offer the following services:

Our Services

our services

Retained Search

By structuring an assignment with an up-front payment, you can secure research driven insights presented in a transparent manner that support the search process. The retainer fee ensures ongoing commitment to the search by both parties and often suits more senior, complex, regional/global or confidential exercises.

Exclusive Contingent Search

With a commitment from our clients that they will assign us as the only recruitment agency to engage on a search, we can dedicate resources and dig deeper to ensure a successful outcome. This approach will not offer the formal research product that comes with a retained search but it will utilise some of the more proactive search methodologies.

Non-Exclusive Contingent Search

This form of engagement tends to focus on a search of our existing database and known active job seekers. We will endeavor to support on roles where other recruitment firms are also appointed but we cannot guarantee a focus on the more time-consuming activities such as headhunting and seeking referrals.

Contracting, Interim & Payroll Services

We can provide a range of services that include:

  • Sourcing of contract or interim professionals subsequently assigned to a client’s payroll

  • Sourcing of contract or interim professionals subsequently outsourced to our payroll

  • Payroll and benefits outsourcing for candidates we have placed on a permanent basis (suitable for organisations who are yet to establish their Hong Kong entity)

  • Payroll and benefits outsourcing for candidates that clients have already identified themselves

  • Associated visa processing for any of the above

Project Recruitment & Consulting

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) tends to focus on large scale/long-term hiring initiatives. We support organisations with short to medium-term peak hiring periods or projects as an extension of their internal resources, either on-site of offsite depending on preference. Examples include:

  • Graduate hiring - potentially utilising recorded online interviews to streamline the process

  • Ramp-up support - assisting clients in fast growth mode both with recruitment and establishing future infrastructure (systems, processes, vendors etc)

  • Consulting/advisory - supporting our clients with additional insights in areas such as; salary bench marking, organisational structure and talent acquisition strategy

Market Mapping

Our clients sometimes want the insights that a retained search brings but without the need to make a hire at the conclusion. Or, they want to identify a certain talent pool to accelerate their future hiring in this area. Whatever the reason, we can structure a talent mapping exercise that offers the appropriate insights.

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