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Sales, Marketing & Communications

With each member of the team focused on building and retaining an extensive candidate network, they offer both clients and candidates access to expertise, advice and market intelligence, gathered across hundreds of conversations per month. Clients gain access to a qualified and engaged talent pipeline, and candidates benefit from the wide range of career opportunities available.

The sales, marketing and communications functions are critical for organisations, working to drive revenue and customer engagement at one end and handle sensitive messaging and manage risk at the other. The team works across B2C and B2B markets, building an understanding of target customer and sales cycle in each case.

Our consultants recruit sales, marketing and communications professionals across Asia Pacific, covering all B2C and B2B products. The team’s industry expertise covers, but is not limited to:

  • Consumer durables

  • Fast moving consumer goods

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality & tourism

  • Industrial

  • Media and research

  • Professional and financial services

  • Property & Real Estate

  • Public sector (education, governmental and NGO)

The division’s functional expertise covers:

  • General management and strategy

  • Digital and CRM

  • Marketing, public relations and communications

  • Wholesale management

  • Sales and business development

The team engages on mid to senior level assignments and delivers on both a retained and un-retained basis depending on the needs of the client.