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Social Purpose



At ConnectedGroup we take our purpose statement of using recruitment as a lever to improve lives beyond our commercial engagements and into a wider social mission. Our goal is to utilise our recruitment expertise to support the Hong Kong not-for-profit that some of their investment in our services is directed to good causes.

One of the cornerstones to this strategy was the launching of - a not-for-profit initiative in itself that aims to provide a job board and career portal at zero cost to the charitable sector. The initiative aims to connect talent with great causes in need of permanent staff, board and advisory professional and strategic volunteers.


We provide 2 levels of services for
not for profits in Hong Kong

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​You can use our free platform - and advertise your role without cost. If you would like more support, you can organise to meet our managing director who can then help by learning more about your cause and promoting the role for you on social media and referring it to any candidates in our immediate network. We may also be able to provide some advice on other recruitment/retention related issues.

To initiate this simply email at

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​Whilst our goal is to help charities recruit for free, they sometimes need more formal or dedicated recruitment services. Our standard fees are 25%+ of annual base salary (payable on candidate start date) but we offer a 50% discount to charitable organisations. Please note that this discount does not apply to institutional or membership driven NGOs.

To explore this further please email at

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As of January 2021, we have contributed the following amount to charitable organisations via : donations, fee reductions and fundraising introductions :


Beyond this initiative we support the Fair Employment Agency as part of the Fair Employment Foundation with their goal to re-invent the migrant worker supply chain in a transparent and ethical manner and begin to resolve the systemic issues of modern-day slavery. We also partner with the Chicken Soup Foundation as a way of supporting at-risk communities in Hong Kong.

Our Social Purpose Partners

We have built a network of partners offering a range of products and services who are committed to giving back to the community in Hong Kong via our platform.

This is currently under development, with a revised list of partners to be announced soon.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us at for an introduction which will elicit either a reciprocal donation to one of our charitable partners or a heavy discount if you are a not-for-profit organisation yourself.