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ConnectedGroup is a friendly place to work and I enjoy our flexible working culture.

Karen Lau

Joined in November 2015


What I love about CG is trust from the leadership. As a business, we are results oriented and we have the flexibility to work independently. I also commend the friendly and open working atmosphere.

Katie Lo

Joined in June 2011


We have a truly inspirational leader here at CG who empowers, motivates and walks the talk. I’m proud to be in a search business that not only values commercial deliverables, but, more importantly, we build trusted partnerships and create intangible values for our clients and candidates, which differentiates us from the crowd.

Kimmie Chan

Joined in January 2015


ConnectedGroup is a great place to take your career to a new level. The company provides an excellent platform for recruitment specialists to maximise their potential as an industry expert, along with market leading compensation as a fruitful reward. The company allows you to have the right amount of autonomy but offers the appropriate guidance for you to become a reputable, professional and successful recruitment expert.

Vincent Chow

Joined in September 2017


I love CG because of the people and the culture. It is a company that supports and believes in its staff. Thanks for the opportunities, challenges and developments throughout my time here. I feel proud to be part of such a wonderful organisation where we share the same connected values; to grow professionally and to achieve our goals.

Joanne Tong

Joined in 2011


What I love about CG is the connection between our teams and the positive vibe in the office.

Cathy Li

Joined in March 2016


There are many things I love about ConnectedGroup:

It is such a positive and motivated group of people – I am always happy to come back to work every morning.

Our management team has zero politics and is extremely supportive. If you ever need guidance, just ask and everyone will help. There is great respect for each other.

Our MD is the key, and he has created such a great environment. He truly cares for everyone in the business and is supportive if we have difficult times and genuinely promotes the aspiration of work/life balance.

I hope our culture and working environment will continue as it is and that I will be working at CG until retirement!

Bonnie Chan

Joined in May 2016


At ConnectedGroup, there is always something to laugh about every single day. I like the awesome, talented, funny people I work with across the company.

Shirley Lam

Joined in September 2018


The positive atmosphere is what made me choose ConnectedGroup. People are supportive, upbeat and genuine. Other companies I met talked the talk, but their atmosphere told me something entirely different.

I find genuine satisfaction in my job, staying connected to make sure the right clients get the right candidates.

Emma Leung

Joined January 2018


I appreciate working for CG and for our Managing Director. Mat is the best person to present our core values or being candid, connected and he is definitely a very creative person too. A reliable and supportive mentor.

I respect that he cares for others and has done a lot of pro-bono searches for NGOs, making great efforts to support the community.

Our work environment is dynamic and flexible enabling us to balance work and life.

The company continues to invest in training and new technology to help us to excel in our jobs, for example, every recruiter has their own LinkedIn Recruiter license. 

Keanne Tsang

Joined in December 2009



ConnectedGroup is a really fun workplace where everyone works hard and is results driven but we truly celebrate our successes. We have an outstanding Management team and unparalleled support. We enjoy a flexible working environment, and I appreciate the great commission structure and positive collaboration with my peers.

Athena Tse

Joined in March 2015


ConnectedGroup is a place where Management always recognizes our efforts and hard work. I feel extremely valued here.

Eleanor Chan

Joined in June 2015


I have enjoyed the most positive experience since starting at ConnectedGroup a few months ago. How refreshing it is to work for a firm that absolutely nurtures, respects and invests in their people. This dynamic environment is helmed by our MD and it is testament to his vision and care of others, both internally and externally, that this phenomenal culture has been created and allows CG to thrive as a business. It’s a privilege to be part of this incredible team.

Stephanie Levy

Joined in September 2018