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(Article) Roll with the punches: be flexible when adapting to change in Hong Kong’s uncertain economic climate

over 6 years ago by Athena Tse

The uncertain global economic climate has caused many organisations to reassess their business, financial and HR plans.

As a manager, you may be forced to give up parts of your team, or to take over other teams. You may be asked to do more with less, or to do something with nothing. You may even be asked to leave.

If you want to stay, understand what top company management wants. Find out whether they want to maintain status quo or make radical changes. Align yourself with their objectives. If they are considering restructuring or downsizing, think twice before submitting expansion plans, for example.

Take stock of your position in the company. If your value proposition is not strong, your role may be easily performed by someone else. Do you have good relationships with customers, suppliers and peers?

You also need to assess your relationship with senior management, and gauge their perception of you, your work and your track record.

Should you wish to stay, with the company, you need to be flexible, versatile and willing to leave your comfort zone. It’s also crucial that you tap into your network, so that you are the first to know about any impending changes.

To improve your profile, make yourself visible. You may want to give training sessions, or refer opportunities and useful contacts to colleagues. This is especially important in a regional office rather than the headquarters.

If your workflow is slowing down or drying up, think about what you can do outside your role to make a positive, demonstrable impact on the bottom line, be it soliciting a new client or suggesting a system that delivers cost savings.


Written by: Athena Tse, Director of Manufacturing, Sourcing and Supply Chain

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