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Service Offerings

over 7 years ago by Connected Group

​Our core businesses are focused around the attraction, development and management of talent and cover the following:

Hong Kong

Established in 1997, this is our founding office and remains as the Group headquarters. Stationed at the 'gateway to China' for over a decade, we have been well positioned to develop alongside the economic growth of the world's largest market.


Established in 2004, the 'Lion City' acts as our base of operations for South East Asia. Singapore is strategically located to support the growth of countries within the ASEAN and key developing countries in this region are likely locations for future ConnectedGroup offices.


Established in 2006 via a joint venture agreement with a successful local boutique (that was originally founded in 2003), the business was converted to a wholly owned foreign enterprise in 2011 and aims to become a major player within the mainland market.